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My CV!

My LinkedIn profile : http://uk.linkedin.com/in/dconroy

Welcome to my portfolio page, as of now its showing the latest work I’ve produced.

I am currently working as an 3D Artist at Facepunch Studios.

I started out as most artist’s with a pencil but worked my way up from Graphic Design to 3D Modeling. I currently have experience on a number of game titles. I have developed many skills while working on these titles, which were Battleground Europe, Isle Of Man TT2,Grand theft auto : Chinatown Wars and Driveclub on the PS4.

I have experience in both high poly hard surface modeling and high poly sculpting in ZBrush. I have the ability to take a piece of work from start to completion in a well managed time scale and to a high standard of texture work and optimization.

I’m a utter gaming nut, I try my best to keep focused on all aspects for gaming when it comes to latest consoles/games. I’m also an avid mod artist, I’ve worked on a number of mods and enjoy working on teams that show real dedication to a project.

If you’d like to beat me on most games my 360 gamertag / PSN is DannyCons and my Steam is : DanC

For more information please contact me at : DanConroy@Hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to view my work.


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